Best pets for kids

Your kids have been asking for an animal for weeks, months. But, before choosing a pet, you will have to coldly evaluate the situation. What place can you give him? And what budget will you spend on it? What will be the impacts on your daily life? And what responsibilities will you have to give to children? Choosing best pets for kids…

Ephemeral commitments
At first, remember that children’s desires, and good resolutions, are ephemeral. Of course, they will want an animal and they will commit to taking the dog out, to change the litter of the cat, to feed the fish. But sometimes the most sincere commitments last only a short time. Afterwards, this responsibility will probably fall on you. Does your schedule allow it?

Also a question of under
Another thing to consider before you get an animal is your budget. You can buy a cross-cat, without race defined. It will be cheaper to buy, but you will still have to feed it, maybe have it declawed, sterilized. And if he is sick after a few years, will you have the means to heal this animal to which you and yours will be attached?

And space
You must also consider space. If your new dog needs to run, he will probably be bored on a balcony on the third floor. And adopting a great Danish who lives in a tiny apartment is also not the ideal selection. You will have to make an informed choice.

Before you buy a pet, also consider the arrangements for annual vacations on weekends outside the home. Who will take care? And if a member of your family becomes allergic to this little twink who meows to split your heart and looks at you with a seductive eye …

The dog
Always on the lookout … Before choosing a doggie, three essential elements must be taken into consideration. As a first step, never leave a child under 10 alone with a dog. What the toddler considers a game can be misinterpreted by the animal. He could then bite the child, often on his arms or face. Everyone remembers seeing in the media a young man disfigured by a “nice boy”.
There are dozens of dog breeds. Do not hesitate to consult a professional to identify the one that best suits your family. Thus, a dog who looks happy and who moves towards you, wagging his tail, who lets himself be caressed without biting and that you can lift, both hands under the chest, for 30 seconds, without having to “fight”, will likely be a good choice.

Too big
This nice puppy whose legs are disproportionately large seduces you. It will grow and could become cumbersome. Think about it before. Choosing a large animal when the home or residence is already congested will only be an irritant, once the animal has become an adult.

For the girls
Opt for a Scottish terrier, a Maltese bichon, a bearded collie or an Afghan hound, depending on the space available.

For the boys
They will appreciate a Bernese Mountain Dog, a Samoyed, an English Setter or a Dalmatian.

And if your child wants a dog, remind him that he will have to exercise and his little needs, whether it’s raining, snowing or freezing. It will also feed, wash, brush and educate. And it’s not a small task.The cat
Of a more independent nature, the cat seems a good compromise. But again, you have to evaluate some criteria.Claws
These small critters have claws and they use them, as much on the furniture as on the arms, the hands and sometimes, the face of a child. If you opt for a flat cat, it may be better to have it declawed … and to pay the bill.
Their character
Like dogs, the various breeds of cats have specific characteristics. Siamese, for example, is generally in an unstable and capricious mood. Like dogs, they have only one master that they will not hesitate to defend when the time comes. And it’s very impressive!

Cleaner, cats will go so far as to abandon their litter if it is not cleaned at least once a week. You will have to show him where to do his needs, feed him, find a place to allow him to make his claws (if not declawed). In short, you will have to spend time with your pet.

And, if it’s a cat and she goes outside, having her neutered would be a good idea. You will avoid lamentations during the fertility period and repeated pregnancies.
Rodents and birds
Your child is six to twelve years old. A rodent may be passionate. But again, you will have to choose well.

Guinea pig and dwarf rabbit
For the little ones, the guinea pig and the dwarf rabbit seem very suitable. These pets are affectionate, in general, and let themselves be manipulated without much complaining. They also like to snuggle up against humans. However, it is necessary to make the claws and teeth, in addition to brushing them.
The squirrel of Korea, the hamster and the chinchilla
They are not suitable for young children. The first bites very easily while the second is usually activated at night. The third, he, tends to live hidden.
Finally, the ferret, very independent, is more suitable for teenagers and adults.

The birds
If they brighten a house, they are also less interesting for children.
Again, you will need to clean your pet’s cage, at least twice a week, and feed it.

And the fish
They do not make noise, but they still require maintenance. For young children, a jar containing one or two fish will do the trick. But the child will get tired, especially since he can not cajole them. For teens and adults, a more trimmed aquarium will be significantly more interesting. Again, you will need to feed and clean the aquarium. Does it tempt you?

The benefits of animals
You said “yes” to a pet. Your offspring take care of it, somehow. Be aware, however, that this presence is reassuring for the child if he is alone at home. It also allows him to develop his sense of responsibility, in addition to gaining confidence in him. He becomes the ideal confidant in difficult moments and, if he is affectionate, the animal will quickly understand the role that is devolved to him. And these are just a few benefits.
Hope you can choose best pest for kids now.



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