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Affordable pet care is very important at present days. Because the number of the people's who are adopting pet is increasing day by day. Between 11 and 13 years old, your child is fully capable of caring for a pet! But why allow him to welcome an animal? The interests are numerous. First, experts believe that children and animals share the same communication tool, the game. Through the fun and complicity that results, the children talk to their animals, tell them their lives, express their fears. Often used as a medium between the child and the therapist. The animal can sometimes detect in the child emotional and emotional deficiencies. Finally, through the animal, the child discovers the relationship between dependence and responsibility. He is a friend and secures the animal that attaches to him. Also makes love received. in fact, so young, he is already responsible for something alive! Choose a pet that which we know as being calm and patient with children. Dog, cat, bird, goldfish, hamster, Possibilities are many but all do not excite the same interest. Your pre-teen will probably find it fun to have a "Chinese veil" but will not tie with he has the same relationship as a labrador. To avoid any risk of bites or scratches, it is helpful that you require your child to respect the animal. Also have not to abuse it under any circumstances, even "per game". Just as you will be firm about the ban that the animal lies on your child's bed. Also, be aware that if your teen has eczema or asthma, they may have an allergy to pet hair. You will then have to resolve to separate from your dog, cat or another animal with hair or feathers. Regardless of these extreme situations, ask your veterinarian for your pet to be vaccinated. All these precautions are taken, your pre-adovivra a very pleasant experience. It will have the impression to have a faithful friend, with whom he can find appeasement and comfort. In the complex period of pre-adolescence, this animal complicity will be of great help! That's why affordable pet care and best friends pet care is important.

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