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Business runs the world! The sentence is not fully wrong. But, I almost depending on business. We can’t imagine such a moment without business.  But, It is not easy to be succeeded in business. No matter what dozens of books and motivators promise you, there is no miracle recipe for reaching the highest peaks. Too bad, but to be successful, you have to be willing to make sacrifices and work for hours and hours. Despite the specifications, success is difficult to define. In love, in sport or in business, everyone gives him his definition. Some prefer it locally, others want it international, but one thing is certain, all want to reach it. In business, the situation is similar. You have to know, it's disappointing. We would like it to be a story of superhuman powers, superior intelligence or incredible luck. We like to convince ourselves that we do not have enough time or that we lack talent. It's reassuring to imagine that there is a reason why we do not achieve our goals. But work alone is not enough. In addition to this one, there is a host of factors at play in order to be successful. It would be great to be able to target the factors that lead to success. A bit like a magic potion, it would be enough to apply them to reach it. Sad, the reality is much more complex. The business world is a meritocracy. Although there is no guarantee as to the purpose of the project that we undertake, and although only one small factor can derail everything, it is still with the work that we have the most luck to achieve success.


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