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Food is important for a healthy life, especially if you play sports because good nutrition improves our performance. To have a balanced and complete diet you have to eat all types of food in the appropriate quantities. Also, have to a complete and balanced diet you have to take five meals each day. Food is composed of elements. And which need to perform the essential functions: Nutrients and water. There are different types of nutrients. Proteins are very important nutrients because they serve to form all muscle fibers. We found them in all foods of animal origin and in vegetables. Lipids are fats of animal or vegetable origin that give us energy. Vitamins are essential for the proper functioning of our body. There are many types of vitamins and not all foods contain them, that's why we have to eat all types of foods. Carbohydrates bring almost all the energy to our body. There are two types: 1. Simple carbohydrates (which are used to get energy fast) such as sugar or honey. 2. complex carbohydrates (which provide energy slowly) and we can find them in potatoes and bread. Mineral salts have structural functions because they are part of the bones. We can find them in all foods in different proportions especially in fruits and vegetables. Water is the most abundant molecule in our body. One needs to ingest 2.5 liters per day to make necessary metabolic reactions.