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Relationship is like a bridge of two person. It appears or so it seems that there must be a relationship_problem in every relationship. This is one aspect of a relationship that very many people pray they will never experience. But be sure and understand that the only place. Where relationship_problems will not occur is a place where there is no relationship at all. No matter how small or casual it looks like. There are problems associated with it. The earlier you learn this truth the more prepared you would be when these problems arise. Most times, while we find it difficult to get along again with our partner after having a relationship problem. Is because often than not we don't prepare for them before they come. Actually, nobody ever wishes to experience any problem in his or her relationship but we can never no matter how we try to run away from its problems. While I want this stuck in your head is for you to understand that it is not a strange thing for you to be passing through this kind of its problems. Have you heard of the saying that says that "what goes for the duck is also good for the geese" meaning that somebody somewhere is also having a serious challenge in his or her own it? You see, you are not alone on this side of the ship. Yes, there are some persons whose relationship_problems are more terrible than the one you might be thinking that you have. So my dear relationship_problems are actually one of the features of relationship. Though you are free to pray not to have these problems at all my candid advice is that you should create a room for it in your heart.

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