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Travel tips can be very helpful when you want to make a trip. Today, we can say that the world is more accessible to us. Sites, blogs, broadcasts, travel magazines are becoming more and more ubiquitous. But why is the trip still attracting? In addition to discovering or meeting new cultures, is there not a deeper answer? What does a trip really bring us? What interest, from a personal point of view, does this arouse? First of all, traveling does not necessarily mean going away. Even if we associate the verb more often with the image of an external country, it is not only a question of distance. The trip is primarily a state of mind that is lost in the profile of mass tourism. Our consumer society has unfortunately redefined the traveler for the benefit of the tourist with a quantitative and monetary purpose. A tourist is a natural person who will no longer travel to relax. There is a notion of accompaniment, that is to say, it will favor popular places, which have a large attendance (so tourist). In contrast, the traveler will travel more for the taste of adventure, discovery, and authenticity. Thus, the status of the traveler drowned. However, if the number of visitors to the holiday resorts is still rising, it is because we find an interest and even a need to travel. The first reasons for a trip are primarily motivated by curiosity; discover new landscapes, new cultures, and new people. It is this thirst for exoticism that drives millions of people every year to leave. Without curiosity, the trip would not exist and for the tourist, it has even become an argument of sale and marketing. But the discovery is peculiar to the tourist as well as to the traveler; it is different according to the status that we adopt. It is, therefore, a very strong feeling in humans to want to travel. This helps to build bridges between humanity because, without travel, social ties would fade. Anthropologically, it allows us to question the concept of civilization and challenges our place in society and the human condition. Travel tips will helpful for new travelers.

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