Sustainable development, energy efficiency, eco-responsibility … it is not a passing fad, but rather a way of life. According to a Genworth Canada study in 2017, more than 70% of first-time homebuyers indicated that a green home is a major criterion in their decision-making.

Are going to put on sale your house? Discover 5 tips to make it greener and thus arouse the interest of buyers.

1. A well-insulated house
The insulation of the foundation floors, walls and roof of your home allows it to counter the cold and excessive heat. A building expert, through thermography, will be able to identify sources of air leakage as well as gaps in insulation in the building envelope. You can correct the situation by doing the necessary work.

You have to change doors and windows? Make sure they are ENERGY STAR qualified.

2. High-efficiency heating and cooling system
The use of a year-round heat pump saves energy between 15 and 40%. Its operation is based on the transfer of heat from one place to another: outward in summer, and inward in winter. So, in addition to keeping your home comfortable all year round, the heat pump can substantially reduce your electricity bill.

Interested? Find out about the Rénoclimat grant and the RénoVert tax credit.
3. Clean air
Today’s homes are so well insulated that they trap moisture and pollutants (dust, pet hair, cleaning vapours, etc.) inside. And that’s not good for your health! The air exchanger makes it possible to evacuate the stale and humid air to the outside and to replace it with an equivalent supply of fresh air. Thus, in winter, when the air exchanger operates for 20 minutes every 60 minutes, it allows obtaining a better performance of your heater.

Once again, you can take advantage of the Rénoclimat grant and the RénoVert tax credit.
4. Energy-efficient lighting
Your fixtures should be compatible with LED bulbs or CFL (compact fluorescent). In addition, energy-efficient switches and dimmers are smart choices. Outside, motion sensors or timers can illuminate as needed, not all night.

5. Green renovations
Are you planning to renovate some rooms in your house? There are several ways to make your renovation project greener:
Opt for eco-friendly products, such as bamboo or cork flooring: cork comes from the bark of the cork oak, while bamboo grows and regenerates quickly;
Purchase recycled, salvaged or responsibly sourced construction materials;
Choose, to the extent possible, locally made materials;
Use VOC-free paint;
Change the toilet for a low-flush toilet or double flush toilet;
Install a low-consumption showerhead.
A greenhouse is created little by little, one project at a time. You choose the changes that will produce a wow effect


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