VAPORIZER may be more expensive than your traditional pipe or bong, but there are still a number of reasons why every marijuana user should consider these high-tech devices.
When it comes to marijuana use, the options are many. In addition to rolling a joint, there is a range of pipes and water bongs available on the market. Of course, cannabis can also be used to make various foods and beverages. Topical uses and dyes are popular among medical users as well.

Still, many doctors consider vaporizers the ideal method of consuming marijuana. In fact, in Israel, where medical marijuana is legal, vaporizers can be found in hospitals and retirement homes. The popular Volcano Medic Vaporizer is also approved as a medical device in Canada and the US.

Here are some key reasons why vaporizers have become so popular among doctors and patients.
The effect of vaporizing on the lungs is perhaps the strongest argument for using a vaporizer. Doctors have long been reluctant to use marijuana as a drug because of the potential risks of smoking anything. While it is true that marijuana smoking has not been proven to cause lung cancer, burning marijuana also produces several known carcinogens and tar, which can irritate the lungs and lead to chronic bronchitis.

The vaporizers were primarily designed to overcome this problem. By heating marijuana to a lower-burning temperature, the devices produce an inhalable vapor that still contains the active medical ingredients of marijuana ( cannabinoids ), but without the harmful by-products.

Spray Cannabis is said to eliminate about 95% of the inhaled smoke. In addition, the vaporization of terpene has been suggested to increase the yield of anti-inflammatory terpenoids that protect the lungs from irritation.
Research also suggests that the use of a vaporizer can reverse respiratory symptoms caused by traditional methods of cannabis use.
Another advantage of the vaporizers is the conversion efficiency of the plant material into active cannabinoids.
A collaborative study conducted by California NORML and MAPS found that vaporizers can convert 46% of available THC to vapor, while marijuana cigarettes convert less than 25% of THC.

Similarly, patients classify sprays as the most effective method for marijuana use – requiring a lower dose than smoking, cooking, or herbal tea – in a recent study published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs.
So while vaporizers may be considered a luxury for some, even the most cost-effective marijuana users have deduced that the greater effectiveness of these devices may possibly offset their initial cost.
According to the same study, sprays are rated highest for the satisfaction of side effects, which means that patients felt more functional after spraying cannabis.

Although the study did not examine specific side effects, some say that vaporizers produce a more lucid “rush” due to the absence of inhaled smoke. Cannabis steam can also be inhaled in shallow, shallow puffs, while other smoking devices may require deep, larger breaths, which may be uncomfortable for novice marijuana users.
Of course, the way you react to marijuana differs greatly from person to person, so vaporizers may not be ideal for everyone. Ultimately, consultation with a healthcare professional and careful experimentation is the best way to know which marijuana-consuming process is best for us.


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