9 unusual and secret places to discover in NYC

We all know New York’s must-see attractions: Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, the Empire State Building and the Top of the Rock. And it’s true that you have to have visited them at least once in your life. But if you want to think outside the box, I invite you to take a look at this selection of unusual and secret places in NYC.
1. The High Line Park
Who did not go around Central Park? In this huge park, dubbed the green lung of Manhattan, you’ll find lots of interesting sites. But if you want to walk in a park out of the ordinary, I advise you to go to High Line Park. This park has been built on a disused part of old railway tracks. You will enjoy a pleasant walk in the heart of the city and take pictures from different points of view. Little tip: just steps from the High Line is the new building of the Whitney Museum. This museum is definitely worth a visit! Then head to Chelsea Market for local specialities.

2. City Hall Hidden Metro Station
Did you know that there is an abandoned New York subway station now accessible to tourists? If you want to discover this wonderful metro station, take line 6 to the terminus. To see the station, just stay in the subway when it turns back to Uptown. You will be charmed by this unique place.

3. Smorgasburg
I love the rhythm of Manhattan, but from time to time I go to Brooklyn and more specifically to Williamsburg, the hipster district par excellence. In Williamsburg, you will not find department stores, but a multitude of interesting little shops. In Brooklyn, food fairs are often organized. If you are a real foodie, do not hesitate to visit Smorgasburg in Williamsburg. This open market (and seasonal) is very popular with locals.

4. Roosevelt Tram
If you want to enjoy beautiful views of the city in an original way, I advise you to take the Roosevelt Tram. Known thanks to Spiderman’s first film, this cable car connects Manhattan and Roosevelt Island. During the 4-minute ride, you will have the opportunity to take beautiful pictures of Manhattan, the East River and Roosevelt Island. If you have the unlimited metro card, the cable car is free.

5. Jane’s Carousel
The perfect place to have breakfast? In front of Jane’s Carousel! Go to DUMBO, order a takeaway breakfast at a typical New York deli (or, why not, at Starbucks). This beautiful carousel is housed in a glass and is well worth the detour. Sit back and enjoy the calm of your breakfast in a unique atmosphere. Then you can ride a ride for only $ 2.

6. Illegal bars
During the Prohibition of the 1920s, the US government tried to limit the sale and consumption of alcohol in the United States. It is in reaction to this that many underground bars have opened their doors. Some of these bars still exist. Since they are very difficult to find, I advise you to participate in the guided tour of illegal bars in New York. The local guide who will make you discover the true ‘speakeasies’!

7. Sport on the Hudson River
Do you like adventure and do you want to discover New York in an original way? In this case, I discovered two unusual activities for you! If you visit New York during the summer, you can now do it by canoeing or plan a jet ski trip on the Hudson River. What do you think of a view of the Manhattan skyline from a canoe-kayak or to pass in front of the Statue of Liberty at 90 km / h?

8. Outdoor Cinema in Bryant Park
Every time I visit New York, I go to Bryant Park. I love this park located close to Times Square. In Bryant Park, many (free) activities are offered that are worthwhile: yoga classes, tai chi outdoor dancing for example. And did you know that we also organize outdoor cinema sessions during the summer months? Head to Bryant Park on Monday night, sit on the lawn and enjoy the famous blockbusters!

9. The Brooklyn Bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge is one of New York’s must-see sights. And if you want to admire the best views of Manhattan, I recommend you to cross the Brooklyn Bridge on foot. Take the subway to Brooklyn and cross the bridge towards Manhattan. A quick tip: Head to Brooklyn Bridge Park before crossing the bridge for a breathtaking view of the Manhattan skyline.


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