The Most Amazing Highlights of Alexandria

One of the foremost wonderful cities of the land of the river, Alexandria, nicknamed because the jewel of the Mediterranean, incorporates a special magic of its own that draws the love of the many Egyptians and foreigners United Nations agency pay their vacations in Egypt.

Although it does not host surprising monuments like Cairo, Luxor, and urban centre and it does not fancy the marvels of the Red Sea like Hurghada and Sharm El tribal Sheikh, Alexandria offers several excitements to tourists United Nations agency fancy their holidays in Egypt.

Established within the fourth century BC by Alexander the nice throughout his visit to the Temple of the Oracle to achieve legitimacy to rule Egypt, the town became the capital of Egypt for several centuries and a very important cultural, political, and humanities hub within the geographical area. Today, some travellers United Nations agency tour Egypt sometimes pay one or 2 days within the jewel of the Mediterranean Sea. we’d be having associate degree insight within the most exceptional sites in Alexandria.

Qaitbey Fort

Constructed within the fifteenth century by the notable Mamluk grand Turk and builder, Qaitbey, it became a landmark of Alexandria after. engineered to guard the Western section of town against any attacks coming back from the ocean. It became a significant touristic attraction that welcomes many travellers United Nations agency tour Egypt.

Located within the west purpose of Alexandria, the fort will be seen from every place within the town. the foremost vital sections of Fort Qaitbey embrace the oldest house of prayer within the town, a toppingly stone adorned Mihrab, a finely preserved building that was created with the remaining stones from the traditional beacon that was erected throughout the swayer amount.

The Roman Amphitheatre
The only one in all the type in Egypt, the Roman Amphitheatre was based throughout the fourth century AD. The complicated was discovered within the twentieth century by coincidence once employees were making an attempt to perforate the bottom. Afterwards, it became an exquisite touristic website that welcomes several tourists United Nations agency jaunt Egypt.

With its U form stage, the Roman Amphitheatre has thirteen columns of marble steps which will accommodate over 600 spectators. This distinctive complicated remains accustomed host several inventive events and performances. Besides the theatre, their square measure several statues and different displays that were found in several sections around Alexandria in a splendidly organized alfresco depository.

Pompey’s Pillar

Another impressive landmark of Alexandria, Pompey’s Pillar, in conjunction with the 2 sphinxes beside it, square measure the sole remaining sections of an enormous Roman temple that was created within the third century BC. A visit to Pompey’s Pillar is usually enclosed to several travel packages to Egypt.

Made out of red granite, the pillar is twenty-seven meters high with a base that incorporates a diameter of around three meters. settled within the Western section of town, this little nevertheless spectacular complicated hosts variety of travellers United Nations agency visit Egypt.

Montazah complicated and Gardens

The Montazah complicated was established at the top of the nineteenth century by vicereine Abbas Helmi II to be the summer resort of the royalty of Egypt at the time. several tourists United Nations agency jaunt Egypt explore Al Montazah complicated for its rattling gardens and variety of splendidly adorned historical palaces.


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